Should you learn how to code to build your website or Outsource it?

Should you learn how to code to build your website or Outsource it?

There are several reasons why you should get a website.  It could be for your business, organization, personal reasons or what-have-you? Whatever the reason, you will  have to decide whether to build one yourself or outsource to a website development agency or a software company. 

By deciding to build a website for yourself, you would have to learn simple website languages like the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and you can learn online for free.

Depending on how much time you have on your hands, designing a fully functional website can be time tasking, while learning the process alone has it own caveat. If you are a business in need of a website builder, it’s best to start with a Content Management System like WordPress, Drupal, or Site builders like WIX, Weebly.

However, if you realize that these options don’t quite cut it, then outsource your website design to an Agency. Outsourcing your website takes the stress off you and helps you focus on other important businesses. Website agencies are good at what they do – building websites. They are specialists and they have a wealth of experience building beautiful and functional websites. 

As a case study, Tecmie is a Product Design and Development focused company, which means they are ideal for startups looking to turn their passion or idea into a full-fledged working software product.

If you decide to learn how to code before building your website, you might be wasting a lot of precious time trying to do this one thing. You might even procrastinate in the process and the dream of having a website becomes only a dream. A website Agency can do it for you in the shortest possible time.

If you are a business owner, think about the number of customers you would have lost just while trying to learn how to do what an agency can do for you. Time is money, there is no doubt about that. If you begin to learn the ropes of building a website today, it would take you about 3 – 6 months to perfect your craft with serious dedication. Would you like to wait for another 3 -6 months before owning your website? I bet you don’t want to wait that long. Think about the money you would have lost in your business within this time.

Waste no time further! It is clear that you need to outsource your website to an Agency and a notable and trusted Agency that serve customers all over the world is Wootiv Media.

Wootiv Media as a Development Agency focuses on E-commerce Websites and Blogs, founded by a team of Expert WordPress Developers. They can design and develop CMS websites from scratch, targeted towards E-commerce Sales and High Traffic Blogs.

Website agencies don’t just help you build your website, they also ensure that your website is making money for you. Isn’t that beautiful? You therefore get to kill two birds with one stone. This is not something you might do easily if you decide to learn to code and build your website yourself.

The perks and incentives that come with having an Agency build your website for you are just numerous. What about website hosting and getting a domain? You also have the opportunity to get customized emails for your business website. These are things you might not consider doing if you want to build on your own.

With an Agency, you have access to expert advice and unlimited support if you encounter any issues on your website. The Agency practically eases you of any stress that is attached with the smooth running of your website. I’m sure you love that!

At Wootiv Media, we understand that building a website is a lot of stress for you and we are excited to take the stress off you. Our clients all over the world attest to our professionalism and competence. Outsource your website to us today. Let’s build it for you.


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